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Property Investor Newsletter July – August 2018

  • Stacey Petersen
  • 01 Aug 2018
Property Investor Newsletter July – August 2018

In this newsletter we cover important property management topics to keep you informed and maximising your rental income and optimising your capital growth.

How to create equity from simple renovations

Whether you are thinking about listing your property on the market or simply looking to add value to an existing investment property, renovating can be an effective way to create instant equity.

Property owners eager to lift the value of their homes often ask the question, how can I ensure maximum value from a simple renovation?

Before jumping straight into a renovation, it is essential to carefully plan and budget for any upgrades you are considering. The key is to make sure you know what adds value, without over-capitalising...

What is return on investment (ROI) and why is it important to know?

Return on investment, or ROI, is the ratio of a profit or loss made in a financial year that is expressed in terms of an investment and shown as a percentage of increase or decrease in the value of the investment.

The basic formula for ROI is: Net Profit / Total Investment * 100.

Return on investment is often referred to when purchasing a property to determine the viability of profits and stability of returns.  However, ROI calculations can also be beneficial to investors when considering improvements, renovations or the purchase of new fixtures or fittings to determine the return on investment...

Why use one agency to sell your property?

The more people that are selling your property, the more likelihood you are of getting a Buyer…right?  Wrong!

More is not always better, & this is particularly true when it comes to selling your property.  What does it say about your home if the property is listed with multiple Agencies?  You have four different signs out the front all jockeying for position & the property is on every website under a range of different Agents.  This shouts “DESPERATE”, & what does that do to enhance the sale price of your property? The answer...

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