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Property Investor Newsletter Jan-Feb 2018

  • Stacey Petersen
  • 31 Jan 2018
Property Investor Newsletter Jan-Feb 2018

In this newsletter we cover important property management topics to keep you informed and maximising your rental income and optimising your capital growth.

How To Manage The Unexpected With Investing

The ability to effectively manage unexpected events when owning investment properties will assist you in avoiding cash flow crises and major losses. Things can and will go wrong. It happens to everybody and when it does it will test you, but it is the experience you bring to these circumstances that really matters. Success lies with ‘allowing for the unexpected from the start’ and building in mechanisms to help solve the problems to help mitigate risk. Have you taken the time to think about the risk of investing in property and what they could be?...

Beware - The ATO Is Employing New Tools To Scrutinise The Rental Market

The Australian Taxation Office is ramping up scrutiny of the rental property market in a bid to stamp out dishonest lodgment claims.

The ATO will be looking closely at the dishonest practice of investors declaring their rented properties vacant when in fact they are tenanted and receiving rent. In 2018 they will go so far as to approach real estate agents/ property managers and monitor electricity and gas records to identify fraudulent claims...

How To Manage The Unexpected With Investing 

Problem solve, don’t panic and be prepared

Only experience can prevent full-scale panic when problems arise. This is where you need to be prepared and know what can go wrong. What if the tenant falls behind in their rent, the property is vacant for an extended period of time or a hot water system needs replacing? Start with the end in mind and work towards being one step ahead...

Dealing With Stigmatised Property

A property may become “stigmatised” if it has been associated with an undesirable event that has occurred (or which is suspected to have occurred) on the property or in the immediate vicinity of the property. While having no physical impact on the property itself, stigmas may affect the way in which prospective buyers and tenants feel about a property...

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