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Property Investor Newsletter Aug-Sept 2017

  • Stacey Petersen
  • 31 Aug 2017
Property Investor Newsletter Aug-Sept 2017

In this newsletter we cover important property management topics to keep you informed and maximising your rental income and optimising your capital growth.

Tips For Choosing An Investment Property

Every property investor would love to have a crystal ball and be able to buy in an area before it becomes ‘up and coming’, in order to buy cheaply and reap the benefits of a subsequent increase in property prices.

There are certain indications that a suburb may boom, but none of them are set in stone and you can never be sure...

Inspecting Your Property

It is important for all landlords to inspect their investment property/s (where practical) ‘at least’ every couple of years.

Our agency does conduct this service on your behalf and provides you with detailed reports to keep you connected and up-to-date on the property. However, it is always a good idea to visit the property yourself...

Maintaining Your Property Is Serious & Risky Business If Ignored

It may seem like a minor repair when your property manager touches base… a ripple or hanging thread in the carpet; a loose external door/window lock; a loose light fixture or power point; a wobbly step/s, a small patch of dry rot, mould, water leaks, pathways cracking or becoming uneven, poor external lighting or unknown power surges, just to name a few... 

ATO Guide For Rental Property Owners 

The ATO has a great publication guide that explains how to manage and understand rental income and expenses, including how to treat more than 230 residential rental property items; depreciation of items such as building, fixtures and fittings, capital gains tax; general value shifting regime, goods and services tax (GST); negative gearing; what you need to know when selling a rental property or buying a new investment property and lots of great real life examples to make it simple and easy to understand the concepts.

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