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Property Investor Newsletter October-November 2022

  • Stacey Petersen
  • 01 Nov 2022
Property Investor Newsletter October-November 2022

In this newsletter we cover important property management topics to keep you informed and maximising your rental income and optimising your capital growth.

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Land Tax Explained
Land tax is one of several charges you may have to pay as an investor. Unlike stamp duty, which is a one-off charge when you purchase a property, land tax is applied every year you own a property in accordance with your state or territory government, with the Northern Territory being exempt...

Warning | Landlord Access To Properties
In a recent case, a property owner took the initiative of using their keys to enter and inspect a property that a tenant had vacated without consulting the managing agent...

Public Liability Insurance | Don't Risk It! Are You Covered, And Do We Have A Copy?
Public liability is insurance that covers the landlord in the event of a slip and fall injury or death at the rental property...

Boundary Fences | Who Pays?
Whether an existing fence needs to be fixed or there is no fence that needs to be erected, it is important to know that a boundary or dividing fence is a shared ownership structure where reasonable costs must be paid equally...

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