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Property Investor Newsletter February – March 2020

  • Stacey Petersen
  • 02 May 2020
Property Investor Newsletter February – March 2020

In this newsletter we cover important property management topics to keep you informed and maximising your rental income and optimising your capital growth.

​The hidden traps that can devalue a property

When buying or selling property there are many different factors that can impact on the price achievable. The size of the property, size of the land and location are elements that generally cannot be changed. Then there are factors that can be changed or controlled that will impact on the sale price...

Property research data sources - where to look?

If you are wanting to research the property market, the following information data sources are a great starting point: Core Logic, RP Data, Residex...

Keeping you in the know, Property Research

To be an informed and successful investor, it is important to keep up-to-date and in the know of relevant property research, market conditions, future predication and developments, general industry information, data, trends, as well the lingo or terminology of the property industry. This month we look at the concept of ‘Supply and Demand’...

Interesting facts about pets

With many states around Australia (Qld, Victoria and the ACT) looking to/or actually introducing new pet reform laws, the RSPCA have released some interesting pet ownership facts that may have played a role in these reforms, which are making it more difficult for landlords to discriminate or refuse pet approval requests, unless there are exceptional circumstances or reasonable grounds.....

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